midnight robber project

for my midnight robber project, i have made the video bellow, my retelling of the story.

i am an english major who doesn’t really like to read, i know, weird. i however, really enjoy audiobooks and auditory things in general. upon recognizing my disposition for auditory learning, i thought it a great idea to read a short passage from midnight robber. 

there are three parts to the video, 1)the audio, 2)the close captions, and 3)the images. i recorded the audio on my iphone’s voice memos, and sent it to my laptop, and edited the video on imovie. the closed captions, i decided to incorporate because i generally like to have a point of reference when i am listening to things, and it makes content accessible to folks who cannot hear. the images, are interpretive drawings, i did, of the quotes being spoken, and it is drawn on a page of midnight robber. i was initially going to find images on flicker, because i am trying to take into consideration copyright policies of images, as a result of what i have learned in dgst101. 1)i want to respect the artistry of folks and i feel like if i copy and paste images from google, even if i include a link to where i got it from, i am not doing completely right by the artist and their wishes, because i either don’t know or did not care to look for their copy right preferences. 2)so, taking into consideration that i am still flushing out my thoughts on how I can best consume and reuse other people’s art, i decided to just draw it myself. 3)as i draw and erase pictures from the book, i also am conscious of the fact that i want to do right by hopkins and the story she is telling, and that i am retelling.

i choose to read from “tan-tan and the rolling calf,” because i new like half way into the book that i wanted to work with the stories within the story. i found that concept quite brilliant, and the fact that it was bolded, and it was all about tan-tan the robber queen, and the oral-history component to it, it all had my english-major-senses tingling. when i decide on what the project itself was gonna be, the audio/video, i decided upon this story because the narrator said it was the one story that tan-tan actually liked and would herself retell. i then decided on a section of the story, as opposed to reading it in its entirety, because i didn’t want to make a 5+ minute video for the whole story. the section i did read, develop’s tan-tan’s character the most, it humanizes her and her actions, which is probably the reason she likes that story anyway.