I want to start off with an apology for my missing those three weeks of class, for all of my assignments being turned in past their deadline, while this reflects negatively on myself as a student, I want to apologize for its disrespectful-ness of you as the professor. While NOT my intent, I recognize this is what can be perceived. Continue reading “iteration/grade”

creativity module

This interactive fiction tells a story through a digital outlet. In addition to the old/new dynamic of this digital interactive fiction, this particular project is innovative in the story it shares. The narrative centralizes Black and Brown characters and trauma is NOT sold. In the exploration of new mediums of communication, this story resists the reproduction of oppressive and harmful narratives, and instead seeks to create the story it wants told.

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domain & digital identity

the reason i am taking digital studies 101 is because i want to minor in the program. and the reason i am studying the digital world is because i feel so insecure about my lack of understanding with digital technology. this may be the type-a in me, but, i am always great or moderately good at the academic tracks i have pursued. but the digital world feels so unattainable, at least at my present state of capabilities. thus, my presence in the class, the course readings, and even our domain & digital identity section have made me learn in a way that i have not learned in school since the third grade, when i moved to the united states of america and had to learn english.

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