I want to start off with an apology for my missing those three weeks of class, for all of my assignments being turned in past their deadline, while this reflects negatively on myself as a student, I want to apologize for its disrespectful-ness of you as the professor. While NOT my intent, I recognize this is what can be perceived.


In regards to the domains and digital identity section, in all honesty I did not initially read and/or annotate the articles you provided, however, I have revisited some of these works and added my contribution. For the most part, the first three weeks were about getting us acclimated with the digital world, and as my blog post on it reveals, I felt very insecure, simply because I had to learn a about a new field. That being said, I attended class, and did the little homework activities you assigned, so I feel good about that section.


The next section, creativity, was our first modules and for that reason I was very much so in my head about it. I mean by that, I wanted to perfect it before I posted it, which ultimately ment I didn’t post anything at all, because I just had a story-board prepared. As I address in the blog, I didn’t incorporate the digital component until the reiteration section. Additionally, I think I did well by showing up physically and mentally to class, ready to create, so I am proud of myself for that


The third module of midnight robber, again, in honesty, I did not read the text at that time. While it is no justification, I was very overwhelmed with my six courses, my internship, job, and campus leadership, that I put of the work for this class. Which is not fare to you as the professor, and I am sorry. I did finally end up reading the text, and I love it, as a black woman who is an English major and has historically not liked reading in the k-12 system because the characters were not relatable, I thank you for choosing this text. I am greatly appreciative of having been exposed to this text. And I think my project and blog reflect on my deep interest in the text.


For the culture section of the course I worked on trolling and did an a fun activity of trolling myself, here is the blog. I really enjoyed incorporating quotes from articles I read in the class. As I am creating new content, I like the intersection of other people’s art and my art, because then that means my creation is available to be used, which is such a wild thought to me.


The methodology module, which is part of the section I missed because I was too embarrased to come to class not having read midnight robber and not having done the project for it. As a result, my blog post for that section is the most bear of all my blogs. interestingly tho, I think it will be the one of my go-to sites now, because I will more than likely find a way to incorporate its technology to my English courses.


Finally, the iteration and my grade justification. I choose to work on my creativity module, essentially, taking content from the page into the prezi. I decided on reworking on this section because at the moment that’s where my heart and passion were.


All in all I think I should get a B, (or higher if you insist), because I completed my projects. And while I hold the content I created and my analysis of these content as high quality A-worth creation, I have to remember the context of me creating them. They were not done in a timely manner and the fact that I missed three weeks of class, really troubles me, and for these reasons I feel uncomfortable requesting an A.