creativity module

This interactive fiction tells a story through a digital outlet. In addition to the old/new dynamic of this digital interactive fiction, this particular project is innovative in the story it shares. The narrative centralizes Black and Brown characters and trauma is NOT sold. In the exploration of new mediums of communication, this story resists the reproduction of oppressive and harmful narratives, and instead seeks to create the story it wants told.

for my creativity module i choose to do interactive fiction because i am interested in storytelling and i wanted to challenge my creative writing skills. prior to this module i did not have any memorable experience with interactive stories, so this was a new experience for me both as a user and a creator.

i was guided to use the prezi format for my project by professor bessette. i was familiar with prezi and its functionality, so i was excited to be using it for the assignment. i used a blank slate/format, then added the metro background, added large black circles on the metro stops i wanted to tell stories about and then incorporated my writing into it. i initially had very grand expectations and hopes for this project, like, i wanted to add video and audio that i took at metro stops-with the intention of using them for this prezi. what i realized while working through it tho, was that, because i am using a blank slate, there is no blue print for this, so i had to seek out “how to…” and “what if…” on google and youtube to make this project what it is.

i have titled the work “a work in progress,” because i kinda of see my relationship to it as one where i can keep coming back to revisit and work on it. that is one of the reasons i worked on it during iteration module as well, i am very passionate about the content, to a fault. i say to a fault because i can feel myself searching for perfection before i share the story(s) because i care for the topics so much. so as can be seen in the prezi, only the introduction or first metro-line has a “completed” story in it, and the rest of the circles have the metro stop name and story idea. i want to take care with how i present this story so, even with the creativity module and iteration module, i was only able to complete one story/thought, and that, is okay with me.